Wednesday, March 06, 2013

dragonfly floral design shopshoot

Last week I was driving through Bondi Junction when I spied some French wine crates outside Dragonfly Floral Design. I can't tell you how many times I've driven past the shop but I've never gone inside. This time, I parked the car and went inside to take a look. The shop was so pretty I sent an email to Lisa, who owns the shop, asking if I could come over to take some photos of her store. Lisa very kindly said 'yes' so last week I dropped by with my camera.

dragonfly photo blog-1_zpsc92977ca.jpg

So what's inside the store?

dragonfly photo blog-2_zps062b681c.jpg

The shop is part flower shop and part gift shop and it both looks and smells just gorgeous.

dragonfly photo blog-4_zps24519e86.jpg

The shop has lots of beautiful items thoughtfully arranged in vignettes.

Do you spy something you'd like to take home with you 'cos I sure did?

dragonfly photo blog-6_zps9590dde8.jpg

How's this for a pop of colour? 

dragonfly photo blog-7_zps5df7ada4.jpg

Some details for you.

dragonfly photo blog-5_zps269d9361.jpg

A few more photos of those wine crates that first drew me into the store.

 photo blog-8_zps9667de67.jpg

Thanks once again to Lisa for allowing me to shoot her shop. You can find Dragonfly Floral Design at 105 Newland Street Bondi Junction.

See you all again next week.


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