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The Design Hunter is my local 'go to' store whenever I need a special gift. The store is located in Charing Cross just up the road from the lab that does my film scanning.

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The shop is housed in a gorgeous old building complete with the original marble topped fireplace and is just chockful of beautiful things.

What's in the store? Think lots of organic shapes and items sourced from nature.

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I admit to having a bit of a thing for lighting so I just love the 'Enoki Cumulus' lamp.

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I recognised some of the designs carried in the shop, like the Hayden Youlley paper series ceramics.

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The artworks strewn around the floors and walls were just covetable. I love the emerald green ginger jar.

design hunter photo blog-6_zps02326379.jpg

The original lead-light shop windows.

design hunter photo blog-2_zpsea891454.jpg

One of my favourite vignettes. I love everything about it even thought I'm not much of a pink girl. I especially love the leather Acapulco chair.

design hunter photo blog-10_zps27391d72.jpg

A view of the store and another Enoki lamp.

design hunter photo blog-7_zps0307adcd.jpg

The front window display featuring the Bright Beads pendant light.

 photo blog-11_zps545fe5ca.jpg

2016 - I hope you enjoyed my visit to the Design Hunter. The Design Hunter has moved across the road to a new store at 316 Bronte Rd, Charing Cross, phone 02 9369 3322. If you can't make it to the store, they have an online store which can be found here.  

Many thanks to Melissa for allowing me to shoot her shop.

I hope you all have a safe and Happy Easter. I'll see you all again next week

Bye for now,


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