autumn sydney finders keepers 2013

I don't know how, but I almost missed this year's Autumn Sydney Finders Keepers. When I realised they were on, I changed my schedule around a little on Saturday morning and made my way to the Market's new home at Australian Technology Park.

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The new venue is a short walk from Redfern station which is a good thing but I'm a creature of habit and I can't say I'm a huge fan of the new site. It's a much bigger venue but a little lacking in atmosphere and I missed the buzz of the Eveleigh Farmers Market. 

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At times parts of the venue looked quite empty and a number of stall holders were left looking a little lonely.

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So what did I find at Sydney Finders Keepers?

There were food trucks and flowers.

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I saw lots of old faces from previous markets but I managed to track down a few new favourites as well.

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I visited my friends Kylie from Paperboat Press and Alischa from Bespoke Press.
I bought some very pretty wrapping paper from Bespoke Press and Kylie very kindly gave me some ceramic bunting, one of her new products, which I'll feature on the blog in the coming months. I already know how I'll be using her gift.

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Some very pretty flowers from Alischa's pop-up posy shop.

Lovely ceramics from Kim Wallace.

SFK 010613 photo blog-9_zpsbba4f7f2.jpg

Some cute vintage wares from Charlie Foxtrot. Isn't that a great name?

SKK 010613 photo blog-13_zps243d937f.jpg

I found lots of lovely baby clothes at Finders Keepers. These clothes are by daisy and moose.

SFK 010613 photo blog-10_zps44938564.jpg

Whilst these are from Fable Baby.

SFK 010613 photo blog-8_zps14c53c33.jpg

Some cute plushies from Craft Schmaft.

 photo blog-11_zps51169bd4.jpg

Great wooden boards from Sands Made.

SFK 010613 photo blog-6-1_zpsd20d01c9.jpg

And last but by no means least, some bright cushions from Jennifer and Smith.

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I hope you enjoyed my visit to the Finders Keepers.

See you all again next week. 


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