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Have you heard about Rydal? It's a tiny little village about 12 kiometres from Lithgow and for the past 7 years Rydal has hosted Daffodils at Rydal.

I heard about it a few weeks ago on a gardening programme and pencilled the dates into my diary. Daffodils at Rydal runs over 2 weekends but as the weather has been unseasonably hot, I wasn't sure the daffodils would survive 'til the second week. Rydal is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Sydney and Saturday September 8 was election day, so I cleared my day and voted early.

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I'm an early bird so I left Sydney at 7.30 a.m. and I arrived just on opening time. The village was a charming as I'd hoped to find it.

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I paid my entry fee at the Railway Station, took a copy of the map and made my way through the suggested route.

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I started at the old police station before making my way to Rydal Cottage. Daffodils weren't the only flowers in bloom. There was plenty of wattle on display and spring blossoms.

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I found the contrast between the stark countryside and the cheery well mannered daffodils quite interesting.

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From Rydal Cottage I walked past St. Matthew's Church and on to Rose Cottage.

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Rose Cottage is a bed and breakfast set amongst beautiful gardens.  

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I found lots of pretty little corners to explore.

The garden was beautifully scented.

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There were plants for sale and a pretty potager garden.

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After Rose Cottage I walked through Pioneer Park back to the main street.

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A burst of pink in the main street.

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I decided to visit one more garden, Solitary Creek, before driving back to Sydney.

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Solitary Creek was a much more Australian garden featuring lots of purple flowers and foliage. Leann, the owner, has the sweetest little puppy who was receiving lots of puppy cuddles from the garden visitors.

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I came home via Blackheath, where I stocked up on sour dough bread at the Blackheath Bakery, before the long drive home.

Rydal was a charming as I'd hoped it would be so I'm planning to return in 2014.

No baking for me this week so if you need a recipe fix, here's my latest Delicious Bites column for decor8. Holly from decor8 loves it when readers comment, so if you could pen a few words I'd be grateful.

See you all again next week,



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