amsterdam - part II

Hi every-one,

well the jetlag is settling and I've been able to prepare some images. There are quite a few so I'll divide them across a few posts.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-16_zpsbc44e69e.jpg

The first few images are from the area around the old church where the church sits cheek by jowl with sex workers. I guess that's Amsterdam.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-11_zps5a4f8585.jpg

I love the old cobble stones and the bikes, which are everywhere.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-14_zpsdb7d8f76.jpg

On my first afternoon in Amsterdam, I visited Rembrandt's House.

My jet lag was at it's worst but I did enjoy the etching demonstration. I did an etching course once and let's just say I'm a better photographer than I am an artist.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-19_zpsf5083d2a.jpg

The following day keeping with the Rembrandt theme, I visited the Rijksmuseum along with every other visitor to Amsterdam it would seem.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-5_zpsa5f6a78b.jpg

The museum is set in beautiful gardens.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-7_zps4f2bd490.jpg

Rembrandt's famous, Night Watch.

The tranquil library.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-10_zps30e712bf.jpg

Some of the gallery spaces.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-13_zps93b061d2.jpg

From there I wandered all over the city, ending in the Jordaan where I photographed these flowers and these wonky old shops.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-17_zps461964a5.jpg

It's time for me to make a move so I'll finish here. Tomorrow I'm off to Copenhagen but I'll be back with some more images from Amsterdam before I fly out.

So until then


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