amsterdam - part III

It's not quite summer here in Amsterdam but the weather has been getting warmer each day. Amsterdam is a lovely place when it's sunny and there are pops of colour all over the city with hydrangeas, tulips and rhododendrons in bloom and loads of pretty flower boxes.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-18_zps5bc2a02b.jpg

I visited the Begijnhof a few times. It's a lovely peaceful oasis in the middle of the city just behind the Amsterdam Museum.

amsterdam photo blog-21_zpsad3f378e.jpg

It's a popular place for tourists to visit, which apparently riles some of the residents.

amsterdam photo blog-28_zps6a269376.jpg

It's a ladies only enclave.

amsterdam photo blog-22_zpsec18a7f6.jpg

I had a morning free before my conference so I walked over to the Museum Willet-Holthuysen.

I read that the gardens were a highlight so as soon as I arrived I made a beeline out the back.

amsterdam photo blog-24_zpsa128d189.jpg

The garden is laid out in a very formal French style. It's the tail end of tulip season here and most in the garden were overblown but I still went a bit crazy photographing them. Here's a single image for you.

Cafes seem to be very popular in Amsterdam and as soon as the sun comes out, people sit outdoors. 

 photo blog-20_zps02e799bd.jpg

Living in Australia, I've spent most of my life trying to avoid the sun so this seems quite weird to me.

 photo blog-29_zps10161986.jpg

I'll leave you with one last image that best represents Amsterdam to me.

amsterdam photo blog-26_zps4ea44a6f.jpg

Next time I post will be from Copenhagen. I'm really looking forward to my time there.

Enjoy your weekend.


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