london - part 1

Hi Every-one,

I'm on the Thalys travelling from Brussels to Paris. The train may be high speed but the wi-fi certainly isn't. Hopefully I'll get this post written before I arrive at the Gare du Nord. I am so excited at the prospect of Paris, but back to London.

I spent 5 days in London. It was sunny the day I arrived, it was sunny the day I left and it rained every day in between.

st pauls photo london9_zps18d98943.jpg

I've been visiting London since I was 15, so I've been there a few times now and the city is very familiar to me. Each time I visit I like to explore a new to me district. This time I chose to explore Islington and I stayed at a gorgeous flat in Shepherd's Bush I found through airbnb. 

london hues photo london4_zps6ef026b0.jpg

I visited the Estorick Gallery in Islington and I did a shopshoot while I was there but I'm awaiting for permission before I can post the images. I also visited my favourite gallery, the Courtauld at Somerset House.

somerset house photo london1_zps635f2327.jpg
I saw a wonderful Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern and walked back across the Millenium Bridge to St. Paul's cathedral.

st paul's photo london8_zps0c29cf69.jpg

where I saw this view from the bridge.

view from the bridge photo london2_zpsdecd5767.jpg

I found these beautiful roses in the garden of St Paul's.

st paul's photo london6_zpsabab7922.jpg

I also visited the glamorous Italian fashion exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

V&A photo london7_zps14979cb4.jpg

As I needed a bit of cheering up after a day of sloshing through puddles, I went to Liberty of London as their flower shop never disappoints.  

liberty photo london3_zpsee64f8f7.jpg

As always I took stacks of images so there will be a few more London posts. I also shot most of a roll of black and white film whilst in London, so I'll share those images once I'm home and get them processed.

Okay, it's official, the wifi has defeated me so I'll finish this post here while I still can.

I'll be back soon, so bye for now,



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