pronto - pasta with peas and ricotta

I was wondering what I should write about tonight and decided upon this quick and easy pasta sauce recipe. I've been making this Marcella Hazan ricotta with spinach pasta sauce for years. I was looking through the freezer and didn't have any frozen spinach left but found some peas. I found this recipe on the next page in the book, The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, one that I'd overlooked for years.

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Once again the recipe has just a few key ingredients and takes almost no time to put together, so it's a perfect end of the week meal. I don't eat bacon so I used a few pieces of beef pastrami in the recipe in its place and it was absolutely delicious. You'll need to hold back a few tablespoons of the cooking water to loosen the sauce. 

I'm glad the weekend has finally arrived as it's been another busy week here with work and a trip to see the Sydney Dance Company's performance of Shared Frequencies. The highlight of which was LANDforms starring the voice of Katie Noonan. I've also been struggling a bit with the end of daylight saving. My body clock just refuses to budge and there's nothing like waking up 1 hour and 30 minutes earlier than one needs to. My gym attendance has suffered so I'll have to do a few catch up classes during the weekend. 

I hope you all had great weeks and I'll see you again on Monday,


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