copenhagen IV - louisiana museum of modern art and HAY

28 May 2014

Have you heard of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art? It's a beautiful art gallery about 40 minutes travel time from Copenhagen.

It has a beautiful sculpture garden, dominated by this Henry Moore sculpture, overlooking the sea.

 photo blog-25_zps761ca769.jpg

The Louisiana has the best gallery shop I've ever seen. I could have bought everything in sight, but common sense prevailed.

louisiana photo blog-24_zpseb92c178.jpg

Back in Copenhagen I visited the University of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens.

the botanical gardens, copenhagen photo garden-2_zpsac3f0289.jpg

It was lovely seeing all the flowers in bloom and the sun shining.

the botanical gardens, copenhagen photo garden-1_zps1626f403.jpg

I found time to climb the round tower and visit the adjoining Trinitatis Church, where I was treated to an impromptu piano recital.

copenhagen photo blog-30_zpsd60cd0b2.jpg

There was no time to rest though because I had few final photos to take of HAY. HAY furniture is available in Sydney but I think a stand alone store would do very well. HAY has 2 locations in downtown Copenhagen and I visited both of them.

HAY photo hay-3_zps97de1ac3.jpg

I'm looking for a new light fitting for my flat and this George Nelson light might just be the go.

HAY photo hay-2_zps303764ff.jpg

I just loved the staircase in HAY House and the views of Copenhagen from HAY House were just amazing.

HAY photo hay-1_zps9ad602b5.jpg

Some of the goodies I found in the store. I did leave with 2 tiny little items, I could easily stash away in my luggage.

copenhagen photo blog-32_zps65bc851c.jpg

Cool Copenhagen.

copenhagen photo blog-31_zps02ab1af4.jpg

I'll leave you with some iconic images of Copenhagen.

Those were my final images of Copenhagen. I've been in the UK for close to a week now and it's rained just about every day so photo opportunities have been few and far between. 
I'm planning to take my black and white film camera out with me today as I think film will best capture the moody tones of London.

Bye for now,


copenhagen III - palaces

Sorry about the absence for a few days but I was having trouble getting access to my images. It's now all sorted and be prepared for a deluge.

My Copenhagen apartment was close to a number of palaces so I visited three of them - the Amalienborg Palace, the Christiansborg Palace, the Rosenborg Palace and another historic area, the Kastellet.

copenhagen photo blog-19_zps289d1cd1.jpg

The Christiansborg Palace contained some very grand reception rooms but I was most taken with the Royal stables and the beautiful white horses housed within.

copenhagen photo blog-20_zps1074e614.jpg

The Rosenborg Palace is located in the Kings Garden and it's a beautiful doll's house of a building.

copenhagen photo blog-21_zps68b6d9ff.jpg

It's filled with treasures and the treasury housed in the dungeon is just spectacular.

copenhagen photo blog-22_zps0e1c75fc.jpg

The Amalienborg Palace was just 5 minutes walk from my flat, so it was one of the last places I visited before leaving Copenhagen.

I visited the museum but was most taken with the exterior.

copenhagen photo blog-18_zpsf3ca3f32.jpg

I was on the bus heading towards the station when I spied a windmill. I did some research and discovered it was part of the Kastellet, a star shaped fortress.

copenhagen photo blog-29_zps486c7c73.jpg

The Kastellet was a complete surprise to me.

I arrived really early and found the place was alive with joggers and dog walkers.

copenhagen photo blog-28_zps8153838f.jpg

Another jewel in Copenhagen's crown.

If I get the time, I'll be back tomorrow with some more photos from Copenhagen.

See you all again soon,


Copenhagen - part II

23 May 2014

For the second part of my trip to Copenhagen I thought I'd take you to Assistens CemeteryI've always had a thing about cemeteries. They're often peaceful places, lush with greenery and the headstones have such interesting inscriptions.

assistens cemetery photo blog-8_zpsbeea20ea.jpg

I spied these beautiful lilacs.

assistens cemetery photo blog-9_zpsb2124b11.jpg

The cemetery is the resting place of Hans Christian Andersen and Soren Kierkegaard. 

It's just a short bus ride from these markets. The produce was gorgeous but I admit I came here quite often for the pastries.

 photo blog-14_zps72a3c0ce.jpg

Here are some of those flowers I warned you I'd been photographing. There seems to be a beautiful flower shop around every corner of the city.

 photo blog-16_zps893108c3.jpg

I couldn't help myself.

Some cute places in Fredericksberg.

fredericksberg photo blog-10_zps5051f27f.jpg

Like Granola and the one room Central Hotel and Cafe and this lovely flower shop I found next to Granola.

fredericksberg photo blog-12_zps99ece1b6.jpg

I'll leave you with this dash of street colour.

fredericksberg photo blog-11_zps71742101.jpg

I still have so many more photos to share with you because Copenhagen is such a photogenic city. So stay tuned!

Bye for now,


copenhagen part I

21 May 2014

Hi every-one,

greetings from Copenhagen. I've been here a few days already and tomorrow I'll be leaving for Scotland. Time is flying past way too quickly. The weather was a bit dreary the first full day I was here, so it slowed down the photo taking quite a bit.

 photo blog-1_zps5f814816.jpg

I'm staying in an apartment on Sankt Paul's Gade, not far away from the main shopping area. The apartment features many Danish Design classics mixed in with some IKEA. It's an historic area with the Amalienborg Palace just a stones throw away.

 photo blog-2_zpsa4febc68.jpg

The Marble Church is just around the corner, close enough for me to hear the church bells ringing.

 photo blog-3_zps24f5284f.jpg

The interior is very spare with a beautiful ceiling.

Simple columns

 photo blog-6_zpsbd351b06.jpg

Some church graffiti

 photo blog-5_zps88614e05.jpg

And just a short distance away is the buzzing Nyhavn.

 photo blog-7_zpsd46f4ac7.jpg

I've gone a bit mad taking flower photos and did a quick shopshoot in Hay one day, so there are plenty more images to come.

See you all in another day or two,


amsterdam - part III

17 May 2014

It's not quite summer here in Amsterdam but the weather has been getting warmer each day. Amsterdam is a lovely place when it's sunny and there are pops of colour all over the city with hydrangeas, tulips and rhododendrons in bloom and loads of pretty flower boxes.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-18_zps5bc2a02b.jpg

I visited the Begijnhof a few times. It's a lovely peaceful oasis in the middle of the city just behind the Amsterdam Museum.

amsterdam photo blog-21_zpsad3f378e.jpg

It's a popular place for tourists to visit, which apparently riles some of the residents.

amsterdam photo blog-28_zps6a269376.jpg

It's a ladies only enclave.

amsterdam photo blog-22_zpsec18a7f6.jpg

I had a morning free before my conference so I walked over to the Museum Willet-Holthuysen.

I read that the gardens were a highlight so as soon as I arrived I made a beeline out the back.

amsterdam photo blog-24_zpsa128d189.jpg

The garden is laid out in a very formal French style. It's the tail end of tulip season here and most in the garden were overblown but I still went a bit crazy photographing them. Here's a single image for you.

Cafes seem to be very popular in Amsterdam and as soon as the sun comes out, people sit outdoors. 

 photo blog-20_zps02e799bd.jpg

Living in Australia, I've spent most of my life trying to avoid the sun so this seems quite weird to me.

 photo blog-29_zps10161986.jpg

I'll leave you with one last image that best represents Amsterdam to me.

amsterdam photo blog-26_zps4ea44a6f.jpg

Next time I post will be from Copenhagen. I'm really looking forward to my time there.

Enjoy your weekend.


amsterdam - part II

16 May 2014

Hi every-one,

well the jetlag is settling and I've been able to prepare some images. There are quite a few so I'll divide them across a few posts.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-16_zpsbc44e69e.jpg

The first few images are from the area around the old church where the church sits cheek by jowl with sex workers. I guess that's Amsterdam.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-11_zps5a4f8585.jpg

I love the old cobble stones and the bikes, which are everywhere.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-14_zpsdb7d8f76.jpg

On my first afternoon in Amsterdam, I visited Rembrandt's House.

My jet lag was at it's worst but I did enjoy the etching demonstration. I did an etching course once and let's just say I'm a better photographer than I am an artist.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-19_zpsf5083d2a.jpg

The following day keeping with the Rembrandt theme, I visited the Rijksmuseum along with every other visitor to Amsterdam it would seem.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-5_zpsa5f6a78b.jpg

The museum is set in beautiful gardens.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-7_zps4f2bd490.jpg

Rembrandt's famous, Night Watch.

The tranquil library.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-10_zps30e712bf.jpg

Some of the gallery spaces.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-13_zps93b061d2.jpg

From there I wandered all over the city, ending in the Jordaan where I photographed these flowers and these wonky old shops.

amsterdam 2014 photo blog-17_zps461964a5.jpg

It's time for me to make a move so I'll finish here. Tomorrow I'm off to Copenhagen but I'll be back with some more images from Amsterdam before I fly out.

So until then

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