copenhagen IV - louisiana museum of modern art and HAY

Have you heard of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art? It's a beautiful art gallery about 40 minutes travel time from Copenhagen.

It has a beautiful sculpture garden, dominated by this Henry Moore sculpture, overlooking the sea.

 photo blog-25_zps761ca769.jpg

The Louisiana has the best gallery shop I've ever seen. I could have bought everything in sight, but common sense prevailed.

louisiana photo blog-24_zpseb92c178.jpg

Back in Copenhagen I visited the University of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens.

the botanical gardens, copenhagen photo garden-2_zpsac3f0289.jpg

It was lovely seeing all the flowers in bloom and the sun shining.

the botanical gardens, copenhagen photo garden-1_zps1626f403.jpg

I found time to climb the round tower and visit the adjoining Trinitatis Church, where I was treated to an impromptu piano recital.

copenhagen photo blog-30_zpsd60cd0b2.jpg

There was no time to rest though because I had few final photos to take of HAY. HAY furniture is available in Sydney but I think a stand alone store would do very well. HAY has 2 locations in downtown Copenhagen and I visited both of them.

HAY photo hay-3_zps97de1ac3.jpg

I'm looking for a new light fitting for my flat and this George Nelson light might just be the go.

HAY photo hay-2_zps303764ff.jpg

I just loved the staircase in HAY House and the views of Copenhagen from HAY House were just amazing.

HAY photo hay-1_zps9ad602b5.jpg

Some of the goodies I found in the store. I did leave with 2 tiny little items, I could easily stash away in my luggage.

copenhagen photo blog-32_zps65bc851c.jpg

Cool Copenhagen.

copenhagen photo blog-31_zps02ab1af4.jpg

I'll leave you with some iconic images of Copenhagen.

Those were my final images of Copenhagen. I've been in the UK for close to a week now and it's rained just about every day so photo opportunities have been few and far between. 
I'm planning to take my black and white film camera out with me today as I think film will best capture the moody tones of London.

Bye for now,


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