australia day long weekend - canberra

I found a good hotel deal online and decided to drive down to Canberra for the Australia Day Long Weekend holiday. First destination was the Australian War MemorialI used to work in a Veteran's Hospital and heard many war stories during my time there. Both the good - the mate ship, and the bad -  prisoner of war stories from the Thai Burma railway. The AWM always has interesting displays, this time I saw Ben Quilty's After Afghanistan exhibition.

The War Memorial has a reflection pool and a Roll of Honour.

australian war memorial photo blog-2_zpsf675eb8e.jpg

This is the Roll of Honour. Those walls of poppies and the names of the fallen, always tug at my heart strings.

The Australian War Memorial is quite an imposing construction but there are some gardens and leafy trees under which I took refuge from the heat of a hot Canberra summers day.

bison photo blog-4_zps467c831b.jpg

From there it was off to Bison's flagship store in Pialligo. 

bison photo blog-8_zps2bbbc2e4.jpg

I was given a personal tour of the store by Brian Tunks, Bison's owner and creative director.

bison photo blog-13_zpsd38f1285.jpg

Brian has been busily adding new items to his range and I've snapped up a few pieces in recent times both as gifts for friends and for my own home. I don't own any of the glass range yet, but I do love it so it's probably only a matter of time.

bison photo blog-10_zpsdaa6ade0.jpg

The apple jar is one of my favourite pieces.

bison photo blog-12_zps39ed6cee.jpg

There might be one of those jugs in my collection as well.

 photo blog-14_zpsb955a1a0.jpg

How could you go past one of the sweet milk bottles?

bison photo blog-9_zps3f074890.jpg

As my purchases were being wrapped Brian very kindly gave me a beautiful little wisteria bowl as a gift. I'm thinking of recipes which will highlight the colour, so look out for its appearance on the blog during the next few months.

new acton photo blog-7_zpsac8033ad.jpg

Then it was time to check into my lodgings and check out the buzzing surrounds of New Acton.

new acton photo blog-6_zps0df82497.jpg

Yes they are sunflowers and yes, those are garden beds. 

new acton photo blog-5_zpsc7b39786.jpg

I'm pretty sure some of the produce featured in my breakfast from A. Baker. Poached eggs have never tasted so good. Last stop was the National Portrait Gallery for a wander before the drive home back to Sydney.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip to Canberra. Next week it's bake to baking on the blog.

Bye for now,


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