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Hi every-one. I've been in Singapore for a few days attending a conference and tomorrow I fly to Tokyo. I had one free day in Singapore before the conference began and managed to take a few photos in the breaks between sessions. 

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I'll try not to overload you with too many photos, so today I'll share some photos I took in Chinatown as that's where I was staying and Little India, as it was quite close by.

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I knew it would be hot and sticky in Singapore but my free day was the best weather of my stay so I'm glad I went out to take photos.

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I skirted down a back alley where I spied these brooms.

 photo blog-2_zps2119f51e.jpg

I loved all the red accents and the old fashioned letter boxes.

 photo blog-30_zps3f4kjspt.jpg

I also visited the Tekka Market in Little India where I had a delicious bowl of prawn noodles for my lunch. 

 photo blog-5_zpsllbjdgja.jpg

I took some photographs of the fruit and vegetable stalls.

 photo blog-4_zps26joevpm.jpg

Can any-one help me identify the green vegetable on the right of the photo as I'd not seen it before?

 photo blog-17_zps7bp7lz4w.jpg

Not far from the Maxwell Food Centre, I found this beautiful old mansion on Neil Road, now home to a large trading company.

 photo blog-29_zpsbz128awq.jpg

As well as lots of red, I found many lovely green accents.

I found these gorgeous flowers in a park just behind the Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple. I was wondering if any-one knew what they were called?

I'll be back in a few days with photos from the Esplanade area of Singapore, so until then,



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