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During my stay in Japan, I actually made 2 separate trips to Kyoto with a quick side trip to Hiroshima. On my first visit to Kyoto I stayed in Northern Higashiyama where there was a distinct lack of shops. Until the last three days of my trip, I did no shopping at all. Nothing. Eventually I found a Muji store while I was in Hiroshima and broke the shopping drought there. The second time I was in Kyoto, my hotel was in the middle of the shopping district so there was no longer any excuse. Once I'd checked in, I hit the streets in search of the shops.

I found this beautiful store called Marcourt just a short walk from my hotel but unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos of it's interior.

The building was obviously a bank in it's former life. I found these interior photos online but I couldn't find a credit. If any-one knows who took these photos I'd love to credit the photographer.

I also found this lovely flower shop, called Azur,

azur photo blog-8_zpsyxusji1d.jpg

which seemed to specialise in hydrangeas.

mina perhonen photo blog-65_zpswjurphto.jpg

I went on a hunt for this building housing the Mina Perhonen boutique. Can I just say trying to use Google maps which only use Japanese characters is not easy. It took me 2 goes but I found the building in the end.

mina perhonen photo blog-66_zps9ss3gefc.jpg

The building is a grand old lady.

mina perhonen photo blog-67_zpsvurldoif.jpg

The boutique houses some uncharacteristically brightly coloured clothing.

eighty 8 photo blog-54_zpsefkfauii.jpg

I found this cute shop near my first hotel and vowed to return but ran out of time. Unfortunately the shop doesn't have a website. 

kyoto photo blog-34_zpstscmypnl.jpg

On my last day in Kyoto, I woke bright and early because I was going to the Toji Temple Market.

toji temple market photo blog-27_zps2bug9hmk.jpg

It's a bustling market even at an early hour and I came home with some tasty candied fruit and some pottery bowls, which are still to be unpacked.

toji temple market photo blog-50_zpsxiq0qb5e.jpg

I took this photo solely for the elderly ladies you see in the foreground. Japan has a rapidly ageing population and I shared many bus and train trips with this cohort of lively travellers all of whom wore these hats. I was almost tempted to buy one for myself!

ryoanji temple photo blog-40_zps0qz3f8yx.jpg

I still had time to squeeze in one more temple so I decided to visit the Ryoanji Temple with it's famous rock garden.

ryoanji temple photo blog-41_zpsodguhnc5.jpg

The temple is set in beautiful lush gardens.

ryoanji Temple photo blog-42_zpsxe2klbfx.jpg

and has a lovely lake and a restaurant is located in it's grounds.

ryoanji temple photo blog-47_zpsdkmtsstr.jpg

On the bus ride back to my hotel I was seated next to a very elderly gentleman who was busy folding paper. He presented me with a paper frog, a butterfly and an aubergine which I carefully brought back to Sydney with me in my carry-on. I spent the last few hours in Kyoto madly dashing between the Nishiki food market, the Ippodo Tea Company, the Takashimaya food hall and Angers where I bought most of my purchases. I was far too busy to take any photos.

So there you have it, the final photos from my trip to Japan. See you all again next week with something from my kitchen.

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