the fumari inari shrine, southern higashiyama and gion

Do you ever have one of those days when you're travelling when you bite off more than you can chew? Well the day I visited Southern Higashiyama was one of those days.

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I started the day with an early morning trip to the Fumari Inari Shrine with it's thousands of vermilion coloured tori gates.

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Then I decided to go on an ambitious walking tour that tested out my poor feet no end.

I started the trip at the Kyoto Railway Station which is right next door to the Sky Tower.

sanjusangendo photo blog-52_zpsuhi8byq8.jpg

I walked from Kyoto Station to Sanjusangendo but got hideously lost along the way so I started the walk a little later than planned. 

sanjusangendo photo blog-51_zpsu2elfsl7.jpg

This is a very popular temple so it was very crowded inside. Unfortunately you're not able to take photos of the golden kannons and even if allowed I couldn't get close enough due to the crowds. Instead here's a photo of the very impressive doors. I bypassed the Kyoto Museum in favour of a visit to Kawai Kanjiro's House, which is tucked away down a little side street.

kawai kanjiro's house photo blog-48_zpsyb142rcs.jpg

Kawai Kanjiro was a famous Japanese potter and his home has been turned into a museum. Visiting the house gave me a chance to look inside a traditional Kyoto house.

kawai kanjiro's house photo blog-26_zpsku6ghfdf.jpg

The next part of the walk was hot, dry and dusty and I was starting to regret my choice of walk. I climbed up a steep hill to the Kiyomizu Temple, one of the hectic brightly coloured temples.

Kiyomizu Temple photo blog-62_zps510zno1x.jpg

Then I walked back down the hill through the crowded streets of Sannenzaka.

sannenzaka photo blog-61_zpsnnivmb17.jpg

I was looking for the Kodaiji Temple but couldn't find it, even though I was standing right outside it. That's what happens when you're tired. I walked back to Gion, retraced my steps and ended up right back where I'd started!

northern higashiyama photo blog-46_zps7dnyvn4z.jpg

The Kodaiji Temple is famous for it's gardens.

kodaiji temple photo blog-63_zpsnplxjh3c.jpg

The temple is set around a lake and it has it's own bamboo grove.

Once again I'm sure this garden would be spectacular during autumn.

kodaiji temple photo blog-44_zps3iwhuehl.jpg

From there I limped to the Gion district where I found this kitchen shop tucked away in the back streets.

gion, kyoto photo blog-33_zpsidgmggpy.jpg

I also found some goldfish,

gion, kyoto photo blog-32_zps6nqcalre.jpg

and a much loved and very well fed cat but unfortunately no geisha.

gion, kyoto photo blog-31_zpsugtylabt.jpg

See you all again next week with the next Plate 2 Plate post. Juliana and I are making a dish I've never heard of, seen or eaten before so that will be something of a challenge.

Bye for now,


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