It was a chilly weekend in Sydney so instead of racing around like a rabbit I spent Sunday at home working on my tax. It's not a fun way to spend a Sunday but a necessary evil. In between hunting down receipts and doing lots of addition and subtraction I put together some images from my time in Zurich.

zurich photo blog-1_zps5d3f9ce3.jpg

Zurich was the last stop on my holiday and was going through a bit of a heat wave. I was in town to catch up with friends both old and new and the day I arrived I went for a wander around town.

lindenhof photo blog-3_zps8320d284.jpg

During my wander I passed through the Lindenhof. 

lindenhof photo blog-2_zps29ee8b39.jpg

I found these young men engrossed in a chess battle.

st peter, zurich photo blog-4_zps4b302bf6.jpg 

I've been to Zurich before but I'd not been inside St. Peter Church, the church with the massive clock face. It was very simple but beautiful inside.

st peter, zurich photo blog-5_zps8fe4033d.jpg

I found these beautiful roses in the church courtyard.

I found a few touches of blue.

hortensia, zurich photo blog-9_zps316938f3.jpg

Including these pots of hydrangeas also known as hortensia.

old town, zurich photo blog-15_zpsdf0d801e.jpg

Even though it was hot there were lots of cooling fountains dotted around the town. The next day I was up bright and early because it was a special day.

the b-day photo blog-8_zpsf458bd20.jpg

I went out early with my camera to escape the heat of the day.

old town, zurich photo blog-12_zpsa04cb0ab.jpg

I'd not been to the Grossmunster before.

grossmunster, zurich photo blog-13_zps7779102b.jpg

I went for a walk around the lake before we took a trip to the mountains.

zurichsee photo blog-14_zps6503e035.jpg

We went to Flumserberg for lunch and a walk accompanied by the gentle sound of cowbells.

flumserberg photo blog-17_zps7741841e.jpg

I know it's the wrong country but I had to sing a few bars of "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music" when I saw the view.

We went up to Flumserberg in the gondola but came down on the Floomzer. I'm not sure it was such a great idea just after lunch but we made it down in one piece.

walansee photo blog-18_zps9cda65bf.jpg

As it was such a hot day we stopped for ice cream at Walansee and yes it does look exactly like this. 

kunsthaus photo blog-11_zps51524e68.jpg

On my second day in Zurich, I visited the Kunsthaus and was impressed by it's art collection.

cafe schober, zurich photo blog-10_zps45f1f315.jpg

The lovely Cafe Schober where I met my blog friend Juliana for a citron 
pressé before returning to Sydney. I'll share some more black and white images with you in the next week or two.

I hope you all had lovely weekends. 

See you next week,


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