Have you heard of Nikko? It's a world heritage site a few hours train journey from Tokyo. I went there last weekend, catching local trains to get there so the journey took me close to 4 hours. It rained as well that day so I spent most of the day trudging through puddles. It didn't matter because it's such a magical place.

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The heritage site is a 30 minute uphill walk from the station or of course you can catch a bus, but the effort is so worth it.

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There are a number of temples, shrines and a beautiful pagoda on the site.

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There were 2 distinct colour themes at the site, either reds 

nikko photo blog-15_zps6r5cs6lp.jpg

or mossy greens.

nikko photo blog-13_zps5zsylulj.jpg

I put together a little collage of greens for you.

This temple was a little further up the hill from the main site.

nikko photo blog-18_zps0ncojjnt.jpg

I may have been too late for the cherry blossoms but I was in time for the azaleas.

nikko photo blog-19_zpsgtbokavk.jpg

I also found some maples.

nikko photo blog-11_zpsx8cep4pm.jpg

How beautiful is this spot?

nikko photo blog-9_zpspun4qzkj.jpg

The best part of the day? Coming across this shinto wedding procession.

nikko photo blog-2_zpse9ibmrh6.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my photos from Nikko. See you soon with some more photos from my travels,


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